Hamas modified study books in Gaza to brainwash thousands of Palestinian children

It was confirmed by the Information Center on Education in the Islamic Arab world. In the new texts there is a systematic demonization towards the Israelis.

At a time when the Middle East is going through a scenario of exacerbation of its historical violence, the 2017 annual report of the Center for Information on Education in the Islamic Arab World does not show a promising future in concluding that the text books from the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) have been modified last year by the terrorist group Hamas that deepened the systematic demonization of Israelis by brainwashing thousands of Palestinian children to glorify terrorism against Christians and Jews.

Jordanian, Egyptian and Lebanese scholars examined more than 60 textbooks from the Hamas terrorist education secretariat that have been modified from the original Palestinian National Authority (PNA) in the West Bank and cover all grade-level curricula.

The educators concluded that “the delegitimization of the Jews as a people without right to any part of Israel is the main issue in the formation of Palestinian children and youth in the enclave.”

In the texts can read paragraphs that do not cooperate with the desire to achieve peaceful coexistence between the two peoples, says the report, for example: “Britain was helped by the Jews to realize their greedy imperialist ambitions and, therefore, , the Jews began to emigrate to Palestine,” says an eleventh grade textbook.

Hamas modified study books in Gaza to brainwash thousands of Palestinian children

The study found no discussions about Jews or Israelis as normal human beings in Palestinian textbooks: only generalizations placing Jews as “wolves and snakes” who migrated to Palestine to plunder, steal and eliminate the Palestinian people.

The Jews are constantly portrayed as the enemies of Islam. The authors of the study explain that the objective of this campaign is to legitimize the importance of the armed struggle against the Israelis carried out by the terrorist organization.

The texts often promote violence and terrorism throughout Israel. Cities in Israel prior to 1967, such as Jaffa and Haifa, are listed as areas that must be liberated through armed struggle and ” shuhada” (martyrdom).

Islamic violent concepts, including jihad and martyrdom, are incorporated into the education of Palestinian children as religious justifications for terrorism from an early age and that is extremely harmful to advance in mutual coexistence as for the creation of a state that, according to the report on education in Gaza, it conspires in such a way against any parameter of tolerance and peaceful coexistence that even the PNA educational authorities in Ramallah have expressed their displeasure with Hamas.

According to a 6th grade textbook from a Gazeri child: “When the Muslim believes that God is the one who gives life and death, is the source of profit and loss, and victory and power are in his hand, then he gets rid of control of others, and the courage and desire to die as a martyr in the cause of God revive in his soul.”

Palestinian education, influenced by the terrorist group Hamas, is radicalizing entire generations
The concept of “shahid” (martyr) is used repeatedly in school textbooks to encourage Palestinian children to embrace suicide terrorist operations.

The PNA textbooks historically tried to mask the explicit promotion of violence, but with the modifications ordered and carried out by the Islamist group Hamas, over the last four years, openly support terrorism by praising the Palestinians who have participated in terrorist operations against Israelis, according to the study.

In one of the exercises of a third grade civic education textbook “The teacher should ask the students: How can we celebrate Independence Day this year? The answers indicated in the text are: a)” Invite the families of the martyrs and the prisoners of war to honor them. “b)” Let us remember the martyrs and prisoners of war of our city planting a tree in memory of each martyr.”

Virtually all references to Israelis or Jews are vehemently negative and systematically show Israelis and Jews as an existential threat to Palestinians who need to be destroyed. Although the Palestinian leadership of the PNA boasts of its educational reform, there is no reference to peace or coexistence with Israel in the PA textbooks, much less in those circulating in Gaza that have been modified by Hamas.

“From these data it is clear that textbooks prepare students mentally and ideologically for a violent struggle for a future liquidation of the State of Israel and its Jewish population,” as well as to expel Christians from Belem, the authors conclude.

These findings corroborate previous research on Palestinian school curricula and books that systematically glorify terrorism, deny Israel’s right to exist and encourage future generations to engage in armed struggle. These issues have been spread to Palestinian schoolchildren in Gaza for years and form the basis of Hamas principles with social behaviors that remain deeply anti-Jewish and Christian-philosophical.

Also, the problem may be getting worse. A study conducted in April by the Institute of the Hebrew University for the Monitoring of Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education finds that the new 1st-4th grade curriculum “is significantly more radical than previous curricula”.

Palestinian education, influenced by the terrorist group Hamas, is radicalizing entire generations and has a real and very dangerous impact on Islamic terrorism.

It is difficult to imagine a stable and lasting solution to the conflict without a complete revolution of the Palestinian educational system, and much more today, when the Islamists of Hamas have gained space in the educational and formational aspect of the children in Gaza with the injection of money and Textbooks influenced and financed by the Islamic Arab Republic of Iran.


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