“It is hard for a star to find true love” — Comedian Kenny Blaq

  • He said it is difficult to find a girl who loves you for who you are when you are popular.
  • The standup comedian also said he still visits local canteens to eat and still uses commercial transport when commuting.
  • He said stardom has helped him identify his true friends.
  • He talked about dating women while speaking with Punch Newspaper in an interview on Saturday.

Comedian Otolorin Kehinde, popularly known as Kenny Blaq in a new interview with Punch has said, not much about his life has changed since attaining stardom.

He said: “Stardom has not changed anything about me. I still go to the local amala joint in my area to eat. I wear slippers whenever I am taking a stroll on my street, I still ride on okada.
“I think the little way stardom may have changed me is that it has made me wiser and helped me to identify my true friends. There are some friends who are there because I am Kenny Blaq and there are the real friends who are with me because I am Kehinde.”

On relationships, Kehinde complained that it’s hard for a star to find true love, he said: “It is hard for a star to find true love. For instance, if I say that I want to get married today and I don’t have a girlfriend, it would be difficult to get a girl that loves me for who I am because everybody loves Kenny Blaq.

“It is really tough finding someone that really loves you. Besides that, I don’t have privacy anymore because I cannot take a walk on the street without being afraid of kidnappers. I am scared they might kidnap me.”