UK publication reveal how two popular Nigerian pastors maintain lavish lifestyles with church fund

  • UK Sun has revealed how pastors Matthew Ashimolowo and Alex Omokudu collect millions from church members located poorest parts of Britain
  • British publication also published photos of homes worth about a million British pounds owned by these pastors
  • It was reported that Ashimolowo withdrew £120,000 from church funds to sponsor his birthay

An investigative report by the UK Sun has uncovered how Nigerian pastors Matthew Ashimolowo and Alex Omokudu rake in millions from their worshipers in some of the poorest parts of Britain.

According to the report, both men reside in 7-figure mansions while their congregants are told to hand over their hard earned monies.

Nigerian news portal Naij stated that at a service held by Omokudu, worshipers were reportedly told that “God wants you to give all your money to him”.

Pastor Alex Omokudu ministering during a church service (Photo credit: The Deliverance Center)

They were then given direct debit forms, after being warned against disobeying God.

It was reported the duo allegedly hold services claiming to provide healing for even life-threatening illnesses.

The British publication further reported that while both men claim to share their wealth with those in need, this is actually not the case.

Juicy Links gathered that Omokudu reportedly launched his Victorious Pentecostal Assembly (VPA) three years after moving to the UK from Nigeria.

As at 2017, Omokudu church reportedly rakes in £1million a year in donations from his members, while the 53-year-old clergyman owns a luxury £2million nine-bedroom mansion in leafy Hornchurch, Essex.

Omokudu’s lavish 2 million pound home (Photo credit: Nick Obank for the UK Sun)

It was reported that Omokudu also owns another property worth £600,000 not far from his luxury home.

On his part, 65-year-old Matthew Ashimolowo, started Kingsway International Christian Centre in 1992.

Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo (Photo credit: Nigerian Monitor)

After starting out in a rented hall, today, the church rakes in more than £8m in revenue a year, out of which about £6.3m comes from tithing. It also has £16.4m in assets.

Ashimolowo who also claims to pass on his wealth, lives rent-free in a £1.1m nine-bedroom home in Romford, Essex, owned by the church.

Ashimolowo’s lavish £1.1m nine-bedroom home (Photo credit: UK Sun)

The cleric’s wife, Yemisi, also earns more than £60,000-a-year from her role as senior pastor of the church.

They both also own a second £600,000 home in Grays, Essex, where their son currently resides.

Ashimolowo had previously been found to have used church funds to pay for a £120,000 birthday party for himself at a London hotel.

He was also found to have purchased a new Mercedes and a £13,000 Florida timeshare.

Before a 2005 probe found that he had flouted charity rules by being a trustee and paying himself a salary, he had been paid a £50,000 yearly salary by the church.

At a service, Ashimolowo was reportedly heard telling his congregation, “If you do not pay the tithe, it is like you do not really trust God”.

He referred to the money as “insurance against Satan” .