The final Fisker EMotion is shown before CES 2018

Just a few days before the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas opens its doors, Fisker has released another image of its EMotion.

The American manufacturer promises an autonomy with which the EMotion can travel up to 644 km on a single charge and which is capable of supporting ultra-fast charges to accumulate energy equivalent to 200 km in just 9 minutes.

Up to 644 km of autonomy and 200 km in 9 minutes

Its electric motorization resorts to feed through a new generation of batteries of solid state, a technology very different from the ones that is currently been used.

On the outside it is a car that preserves all or practically all the silhouettes shown in the first prototypes, a saloon of five doors with muscular lines that brings them closer to his biggest rival: Tesla .

In a chat with Autocar , Henrik Fisker affirmed that this new generation of batteries occupies less space, which together with the absence of a motor in the hood has helped to reposition the passenger compartment moving it remarkably forward. “We have been able to stick the cabin to the front wheel and create very dynamic shapes, we have changed the proportions because we want to be original,” assured Fisker himself.

Its dimensions seem compact and help to strengthen the muscles with shapes that are more typical of a coupe than a saloon. Even so it conserves space for four occupants.

To try to beat the Model S, the EMotion will be equipped with the necessary skills to perform autonomous driving (they have not yet specified what level), with a powerful line hidden behind the front grille.

After its presentation, there will be only a few months until the first units arrive the American roads at an estimated price of 129,900 dollars .