Have you been mischarging your iPhone or Android all this time?

One of the things we already do almost effortlessly is to charge our cell phones. Either iPhone or Android, there is not much difference. You plug it and that’s all… is it?

Charging your phone’s battery , whether it’s iPhone or Android, is one of the simplest things in this world. You do not have to do anything other than connect it and wait for it to be 100%. I mean, what could go wrong?

Well, according to Tech Insider, it’s quite likely that you’ve been doing it wrongly all these years.

And you did not even suspect it.
Why? We tell you the reasons:

One of the most common beliefs is that you must charge your cell phone until its completely full Well, this is false.

According to Tech Insider, batteries also feel stress. Of course, not like humans, but they are subjected to unnecessary pressure.

#1 Do not leave your cell phone charging all night

This also according to “Battery University”: Leaving your cell phone connected when it is fully charged, damages the battery.
When the charger is connected, something known as “drip loading” starts to keep it 100% at all times. This causes high voltage in the cell’s battery which alters the chemistry.

The advice is simple: when the cell phone is fully charged, disconnect it.

#2 If possible, do not load it 100%

We’ve talked about this ealier, this is because the Li-ion does not need to be fully charged, because the high voltage “stresses” the battery.

#3 Connect your iPhone or Android whenever you can

Yes, although it sounds amazing and completely contrary to our second point (#2), it is better to connect it and charge it for short periods than to leave it for hours.

#4 Be careful with the temperature!

This is another problem that even Apple has warned: take care of the temperature of your cell phone, mainly when you are charging it.

If you notice that it gets hot, put it in a cooler place, do not put it on the bed, much less in the sun.

All these are important to keep the life of your battery life long, especially in cell phones like iPhone or Motorola, whose battery is integrated into the phone.



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