Nigeria denies arresting Cameroonian separatists

Nigerian authorities had on Monday denied allegations of the Cameroonian-speaking separatists that their leaders were kidnapped by members of the Nigerian intelligence agency.

There is no arrest of his people in Abuja, a Nigerian intelligence official told the press on condition of anonymity, after admitting that his country arrested Cameroonians at the end of December in Taraba region, on the border between the two nations.

The official explained that they were considered refugees, but then authorities alleged that the people arrested were part of the people who caused them problems as secessionists.

However, the communications secretary of the self-proclaimed ‘State of Ambazonia’, Chris Anu, reported that on the night of Friday, January 5, gunmen entered the Neras Hotel in Abuja and kidnapped the seven people present, including the leader of the separatist group.

According to the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than seven thousand Cameroonians from the Anglophone regions have fled to Nigeria.

This has strained diplomatic relations, as last month Cameroonian troops crossed the border in pursuit of the separatists without asking for prior permission from the Nigerian authorities.

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