You should avoid these meats if you want to lose weight

Men love red meat. It may be cliché, but there is a kernel of truth in this statement.

According to a Finnish study from 2006, men eat more meat than women on average. Red meat is full of protein, you do not need a scientific study to confirm this. However, there is bad news for the hardcore carnivores: red meat and (especially) processed meat are linked to health risks such as high cholesterol and hypertension.


If you want to go for the healthiest options, you have to look for the most low-fat pieces of meat you can find.


Poultry is more low-fat than red meat, especially if you eat it without the skin. For example, chicken breast has just over 100 calories per 100 grams of meat. Note: dark meat contains more saturated fat than white meat, but the key is the removal of the skin. There are the most unwanted fats. Go for the organic chicken, which is raised with antibiotics.


Okay, ostrich is of course just poultry. Yet it only has half the fat of chicken, while it contains an impressive 24 grams of protein per 80 grams. Ostrich also has more iron than cows, chickens and pork.



Lamb is a luxury meat and with many things that taste good, it is also bad for you. It is an extremely fatty red meat, which means that it carries the same risks as cow meat. A recent 10-year study of the European Prospective Investigation in Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) found that people who eat red meat every day are more likely to have bowel cancer than those who do not. The culprits are the ingredients hemoglobin and myoglobin, these are found in all types of red meat. The theory of researchers is that the constituents react to chemicals in the stomach, so that carcinogenic substances are produced.

You do this to limit damage : EPIC discovered that people who eat 80 grams of red meat a day are 30% more likely to have bowel cancer. Even so, people who ate as little as 55 grams of red meat a day already had a risk. The lesson? Eat red meat only once a week and limit your portion to 200 grams. More than that and you take an undesirable risk.


Is there anything better than a grilled rib-eye steak? Nevertheless, beef is generally linked to an increased risk of cancer (see above). Grilled or charred meat (and many other types of meat) are linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer. So there are no winners. A study by the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center found that a chemical component that arises when you bake meat at high temperatures caused prostate cancer in rats.

(Pigs) sausage

Good, so you’re addicted anything sausage. Maybe you will not get through the day without a nice Bifi sausage. Then we have bad news for you. Sausages and pork sausages in particular – are packed with fat. It is also a lot of processed and sometimes also seasoned with suspicious spices and chemicals. When it comes to meat products, sausage is probably one of the biggest offenders. Even worse, the European Food Safety Authority recently discovered that red dye is used in cheaper sausages called Red 2G. This dye is carcinogenic.

They do not know exactly how much you can eat from the substance before it becomes critical, but it is clear that you have to avoid it.

You do this to limit damage : If you do eat sausage, do not go for the cheap brands. Probably these contain the colouring agent and all sorts. Never go for sausages that look unnaturally red.



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