Anambra sex workers face-off with Obiano over demolition of shanties

  • Aggrieved sex workers who have been displaced by the Anambra state government’s demolition exercise have taken the government to task over the issue
  • The sex worker question why the exercise comes after they had voted for the state governor, Willie Obiano, and have declared that they cannot be rendered homeless
  • The governor’s security adviser stated that the area was being polluted with human waste and other materials, by the occupants

Some sex workers in Anambra have been displaced by the Willie Obiano-led state government’s demolition exercise on the Onitsha/Enugu Expressway.

According to a report by Southern City News as quoted by Punch, the exercise also affected some urchins who reportedly snatch the personal effects of citizens. gathers that a certain Linda, who is the leader of the sex workers in the area, chided Governor Obiano for giving approval for the demolition to go ahead.

She stated: “So, this place has suddenly become ‘illegal structures’? This was where we voted for Obiano in the November 18 election.

“Why didn’t they demolish the so-called shanties before the election? The governor did not even consider giving us a notice before carrying this action. This is inhuman.

“We are human beings and we have the rights to shelter.

“But one thing is clear, nobody can force us out of this place. We shall obtain approved plans and build here. Nobody can render us homeless and jobless.”

The demolition exercise was confirmed by the governor’s security adviser, Chief Chikodi Anara, who stated that the area was being polluted with human waste and other materials, by the occupants.


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