​The Kia Stonic will debut a semi-hybrid version in 2019

In a little more than a year from now, a hybrid variant of the Kia Stonic will arrive, although it will not have a conventional hybrid propulsion group, but a semi-hybrid version that will help to lower consumption and emissions.

The South Korean firm plans to electrify this new SUV, with a variant that is already under development and will hit the market in 2019 . However, according to what a brand manager confirmed at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 to the Autoexpress guys , the Stonic will not follow the steps of the Hyundai Kona, which will have a variant 100% electric, but instead , will resort to a semi-hybrid propulsion system .

According to data supplied by the manufacturer, a semi-hybrid version (Mild-Hybrid) will allow the Kia Stonic to improve its energy efficiency , reducing fuel consumption and lower emission levels.

It is a propulsion system that allows reuse of the energy normally lost in braking, accumulating it in a battery pack to later be used by an electric motor that helps the engine in certain circumstances such as starting or acceleration, with the purpose of making the thermal engine more efficient.

A system of this type involves a cost not as high as that of a conventional hybrid propulsion system and that is why in recent times it has recently become quite popular , especially in Suzuki models.

The announcement of a semi-hybrid system for the Kia Stonic closes the doors to a more complex hybrid propulsion system. However there is a technical reason , since the Stonic is based on the platform of the Kia Rio , an architecture that due to its design would not allow the site suitable to accommodate a large battery pack or electric motors.

Kia Stonic


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