​Why the man rejected his girlfriend’s proposal at Ikeja Mall, Lagos

In our buzz vid today, we shared a video of how a lady proposed to a man who they say is her boyfriend.

The lady proposed to the guy at a mall in Lagos, Nigeria. She did it the western way by placing one knee on the floor while bringing out an engagement ring.

At first everyone at the mall thought the guy was going to accept her proposal when he walked close to the lady. Spectators quickly pulled out their phones to film what was supposed to be a romantic moment. But surprisingly, the guy took the ring from the lady, posed for a few camera shots, whispered into her ears and walked away.

Sure, we all thought that embarrassing moment made the lover girl cry and the guy was the ‘devil himself’ (he still is) for doing such a thing to the lady. Well, here is the alleged reason the man rejected her proposal according to Christy Glo who said she knows the lady.

According to Christy Glo, the man rejected the proposai because he was already married.

Christy Glo also said his marital status was what the man revealed to to the lady when he whispered into her ears.

Here is what Christy Glo said:

“This lady is actually my friend but not close friends and we just spoke on phone… She said the reason she cried bitterly after her boyfriend rejected her marriage proposal in public was dat when he came close and whispered into her ears, he actually said he was already married. My question is why are men dis wicked and heartless? Tufiakwa!”

Just in case you missed the vid, see it below:



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