Buhari Replies Tunde Bakare

President Muhammadu Buhari administration says his government is still on track following comments by Pastor Tunde Bakare that the administration has not fufilled its campaign promises.

Recall that Bakare had said Buhari’s government has failed in security, economy and anti-corruption fight in his State of the Nation” broadcast on Sunday.
However, reacting to the statement, Adesina, media aide to Buhari, said: “I believe that this government is on course, is doing what it has promised to do. If you are talking of performance, yes every government must be under pressure.

“Because it must be seen to fulfil its promises, the sure government will be under pressure on that because it must perform but then; pressure in terms of will they vote for us, will they not vote for us? I don’t think so.

“By the time the mandate ends and it needs to be renewed, the onus will be on the electorate whether to give a fresh mandate or not to give. For me, as far as I know, as far as I see, as we move on; I think the government is doing what it promised to do.”

The presidential aide, however, said claims by Bakare that Nigeria was still depending on oil as its major source of revenue were untrue.

Adesina said during his appearance on Channels Television on Sunday that:  “Whether it’s his own opinion or he’s reading something somebody has written, there are always opinions and you can’t say that opinion is the opinion.

“He (Bakare) talked about diversification of the economy – a lot of people will not agree with him that oil is still the only thing driving the Nigerian economy; it’s not true.

“Oil still is very important to us, oil led Nigeria recession when it crashed but it was not only oil that brought Nigeria out of recession. Agriculture contributed in large part, solid minerals contributed in large part, even manufacturing is climbing up in Nigeria.”


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