Violence in Mexico: They found 9 bodies butchered in a truck in Veracruz

The authorities indicated that the deaths occurred as a result of a confrontation between criminal groups dedicated to kidnappings

Nine dismembered bodies were found inside an abandoned truck Saturday night in the violent state of Veracruz, southeast and Mexico, most of which were identified as members of criminal groups , local authorities reported Sunday.

The preliminary official investigation revealed that the deaths occurred after a confrontation between criminal gangs , a fact linked to the murder of another person occurred on Saturday morning in front of the building of the Judiciary in the state capital, Xalapa.

“There are nine people who were found in this truck and one more was shot down in the morning while trying to escape from their captors (…),” Governor of Veracruz Miguel Angel Yunes told a news conference. . “It is clear that this is a confrontation between criminals,” he added.

Yunes revealed that, with the tattoos that they carried, it was possible to identify “practically all the people who were killed”, several of which were part of a cult known as “los tigrillos” or “los tiliches“, dedicated mainly to kidnapping.

The escalation of clashes between drug gangs contributed to a record number of homicides in Mexico in 2017, a particularly bloody year in Veracruz, which until November registered 1,778 homicides , and also led the list of the deadliest states for journalists that year.

Local media reported that, along with the bodies, messages with threats to public security authorities were also found. When asked about this, Yunes responded that “the warnings to the public servants of the state government are warnings that we take exactly as of who they came from, of the criminals we are fighting.”


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