​The ideal exercises for hypertensive patients

Performing physical exercises is very important in the treatment and prevention of hypertension.
If you are hypertensive, consult your doctor to know which exercise is most appropriate for you.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Hypertension agree that physical exercise is very useful in the treatment and prevention of hypertension. When the reduction in blood pressure values is very small, exercise may be sufficient to reduce the risk of stroke and myocardial infarction.

Some of the appreciable benefits of exercising to control hypertension are:

1. Helps maintain proper weight and prevent obesity.

2. It makes the heart work better by reducing the number of beats per minute by improving its contraction.

3. Avoid anxiety, depression and stress.

4. It controls blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels.

5. It makes you feel healthier and in better physical shape.


The first thing is to consult with a doctor to know the most appropriate exercises. Taking into account that exercising may increase blood pressure, the specialist may consider reducing stress levels first before performing any physical activity.


1. Rhythmic and aerobic exercises are suitable for hypertensive patients. Those suffering from hyperthyroidism, exercises involving large muscle groups, rhythmic and aerobic, such as walking, dancing, running , swimming and cycling are effective.

2. The intensity with which the exercise must be performed can not be generalized; each person has a different physical condition. So, the intensity recommended for one person can be counterproductive for another.

3. When it comes to aerobic physical activity, you have to control your pulse and breathing, (when you gasp it means that perhaps the intensity is excessive and you should lower your pace).

4. If it is a weight exercise, it should always be performed with moderate loads (50-69% of the maximum force in that exercise).

5. As for the duration, if it is an aerobic activity, in sedentary people without any sports experience, it is advisable to start walking at a good pace, in short sessions of about 20 minutes, to progressively increasing the time to 60 minutes. The recommended frequency is 3-5 days a week.

6. In people who have no habit of exercising, it is advisable to start with shorter sessions.

7. If it is a physical activity of force or anaerobic , the duration will depend on the number of exercises, series and repetitions.

8. Some hypertensive people find it impossible to get together half an hour to walk. In these cases, it is advisable to distribute those 30 minutes in two periods of 15 minutes or in three of ten minutes each day, because the effect is just as beneficial as if it is done in one go.


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