Five simple tips for getting more YouTube subscribers

Driving free traflic from YouTube is one of the most cost-effective ways of gaining new customers. YouTube can deliver countless viewers, with even the most obscure niches finding an audience. The vast number of new videos added to the site daily will pose problems, though, as competition for attention is high.

The best way to ensure growing view rates is to turn viewers into subscribers, allowing your videos to trend after they are released. The following tips can all be used to increase subscriber rates on your channel.

Create multiple call to action point

Hoping that viewers will naturally choose to subscribe is not a valid strategy. It is essential you actively promote the subscription button, directly asking for people to follow you. Popular methods include mentioning signing up at the end of the video, adding captions, and linking within the description.

Experimenting with different placements will reveal what works with your audiences, but the critical factor is to use multiple calls to action points in every video.

Craft Intriguing Titles

If you can’t get people to watch your videos, you will always struggle to grow a following. One of the most important factors for gaining clicks is a good title.

Titles stand out in the searches and recommended options, with limited alternative options to gain viewers. Good headlines work in a similar way to ads and blogs, using descriptive words, numbers, keywords, and questions to create interest.

Follow Trends

While you may be tempted to follow your own path, YouTube is a platform where it can help to study patterns. The site has an active community aspect, so following a popular trend allows you to reach targeted viewers who are interested in a particular type of video. The fashion and beauty industry, for example, is dominated by unboxing videos, with keen viewers who look for new YouTubers creating this content.

Study Your Audience

Most YouTube channels can fit into a broad category, such as health, fitness, beauty, gaming, and sports. When you can accurately categorize yourself, it is possible to study what evokes audience response. Focus on the top performing videos and channels looking at the comments and likes.

Alongside the general content, though, you can also see the types of videos being created such as animations, PowerPoint presentations, direct-to-camera productions, detailed analysis, or short and snappy ideas.

Network with Other YouTubers

There are many favorite YouTube celebrities and accounts across a variety of niches. Rather than viewing these channels as competition, you can look for opportunities to work together.


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