Pope Francis warns that we are one step away from a nuclear war

Pope Francis said he was really worried about the current state of nuclear stress that the planet is experiencing. According to the highest pontiff, humanity is only one step away from a world war, comment made days after a false ballistic missile alert caused panic in Hawaii .

At a press conference held by the Pope on his plane, before leaving for Chile, he mentioned:

“I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things.”

On Saturday, January 13, a ballistic missile alert was activated by mistake in Hawaii to the US territory, causing panic throughout the state and even many said goodbye to their families through text messages.

The tension that exists between the United States and North Korea, with the later carrying out ballistic missile tests constantly and the first maintaining a threatening attitude , has caused countless organizations to be concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war . The Catholic Church is one of them; The Pope on previous occasions has urged countries to abandon their nuclear weapons programs.

Although Pope Francis has not mentioned North Korea in his speech, it is clear that the international tension experienced by the Kim Jong-Un regime with nations such as Japan, South Korea and, especially, the United States has been a factor important for the highest authority of the Catholic Church to manifest itself in this regard.

Before leaving, Vatican officials presented to the press a photo taken in Nagasaki in 1945, after the impact of the nuclear bomb, in which a young Japanese man was carrying his dead brother. The Pope said he felt very sad to see the photo, and wished that everyone in the world would see it to remember what the effects of a nuclear impact are. “An image like this can have more effect in creating awareness in people than a thousand words.” 



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