See the Xmotion Concept, a design that spearheads the future Nissan

With the recent announcement of its partnership with NASA and the presentation of the IMx concept, the Japanese firm has presented at the Detroit Motor Show, the Nissan Xmotion Concept, a spearhead that explores its new compact SUV designs.

The prototype is as spacious on the inside as it looks on the outside: three rows of seats and capacity for six passengers.

In it, there is a huge screen that covers the entire dashboard and which in turn is divided into multiple screens, fusing Eastern and Western elements and serving as a link between craftsmanship and technology. Just by looking at the flyer you can guess that it is equipped with autonomous technology, although for now it remains in concept.

With this design, Nissan wants everyone to know what its future models will look like.

The exterior of the Xmotion has very streamlined and simple lines and a clear evolution of the Nissan V-grid.

To highlight its compact nature, the Japanese brand wanted the “mechanical and tool-inspired” rims and all-terrain tires to coexist in a single piece of 21-inch aluminum alloy. Additional exterior features include a retractable roof.

Also, the long wheelbase has allowed the interior space to become a 4 + 2 leisure room whose seats are distributed in three rows of individual seats, one next to the other.

This huge screen, which acts as a nucleus, has been manufactured from a Japanese carpentry technique called ‘kanawa tsugi’, used to build temples and religious shrines.

The screens and the infotainment system can be controlled by gestures and eye movements, and also includes a voice command system.

Without news about the propulsion system, we can only wait to see the evolution of Nissan’s designs by 2020.


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