4 Fruit smoothies to lose and maintain a stable weight

Do you want to lose weight in a healthy way, without having to starve and without saying goodbye to the pleasure of enjoying delicious foods or drinks?

There are several very tasty solutions to lose weight and these can be part of your daily life. Amongst these, one of the most effective are fruit smoothies for slimming . These types of smoothies are nowadays one of the most popular, refreshing drinks and are perfect to be consumed after a good workout routine.

It is important to make known that fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins . Among the fruits most effective to elaborate these delicious natural shakes to remove those extra kilos are strawberry, pineapple, melon, banana and lemon. In addition to being delicious, they produce a satiating effect, contain antioxidants and above all are perfect for those people who want to lose weight naturally and healthy .

One of the most effective shakes to lose weight is the blueberry, this fruit is rich in antioxidants and is the most suitable to drink during breakfast. You can prepare a good amount so that you can consume it the next day, but, make sure you leave it well covered in the refrigerator so you do not lose your vitamins.

Here’s how to prepare a delicious slice of blueberry slimming:

Blueberry shake for weight loss Ingredients :

Half a large banana.

Half a tablespoon of linseed oil.

1/3 cup soy protein.

Half a spoonful of honey.

¼ of a cup of blueberries.

3 liters of water.

Preparation :

Split the banana into small pieces, and add the rest of the ingredients in a blender. Blend everything until a homogeneous mixture.

Other fruit smoothies for slimming.


Before you start with the recipe for this smoothie, you need to know that strawberries are one of the most complete fruits when it comes to the vitamin complex. In addition they are rich in potassium, fiber, magnesium, calcium and water. It also has folic acid and it is recommended its consumption by the iron, minerals and vitamins that it contains.

To make this smoothie you have to mix the strawberries with a little skim milk, with this combination you get an exquisite shake to lose weight. These two ingredients you have to add them in a blender and be sure to extract the seeds before placing the strawberries in the blender, this way their texture will be better.

Pineapple is considered the queen of fruits, as it is perfect for keeping weight in check. In addition, it is well known for its excellent properties when you are in a slimming period or when you just want to maintain a stable weight. For the pineapple smoothie to have a more pleasant flavor, instead of adding milk, you can use natural yogurt and add honey to taste. So this shake doesn’t get too thick, you can add a little orange juice.


This is one of the most used slimming shakes in the summer, as it produces a refreshing effect. This shake may be better if you add natural yogurt, although you can also prepare it with skim milk. Remember to remove the seeds of the melon before adding the small pieces in the blender and finally do not forget to add a few drops of lemon juice.

That way you can easily eliminate those extra pounds, you can feed yourself well and have a healthier life by drinking these fruit smoothies to lose weight . Do not hesitate to add them in your diet plan, as these provide a feeling of satiety, which will help you eat less before each meal time.


Written by Deborah Odejide

She is a US-based Nigerian, a physician in the Department of Dermatology at the Sensix College of Medicine in Charleston. She was formerly a zoologist with a special interest in how animals communicate using chemical smells.


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