The power of alignment

The power of alignment is crucial to achieving one’s goals in life. You may have heard the words…”Nothing stands in your way when your stars align.” But then, even when they do, are you prepared for their glistening, glowing grandeur?

How you invariably align your thoughts, commitments, reactions, and actions to life’s vicissitudes depend on a host of factors, oftentimes not in your immediate control.

However, your attitude to them unlocks whatever they deem fit to bless you with because you don’t get to choose the monumental moments in your life; they choose you.

It is quite easy to simply treat the moments in our life with indifference, placing our hopes on external influence to transmute us to our dreams and prepare the pathway for our needs.

We must remember that it takes two to tango. We have a part to play in the moments that choose us, likewise, we have to channel the right attitude towards whatever we want out of life.

Photo Credit: erenkocyigit

Few have succeeded. Many have tried without success. Many are hoping to, while the rest are just standing on the fence, not bothered about whatever comes their way. But if you are, understanding your role in the scheme of things requires your commitment and you must ensure you play your part dutifully. If things happen positively, show appreciation and gratitude, if they don’t, keep at it and find other ways to stay in the lane of alignment. Eventually, something will happen.

So, chin-up, square those shoulders and stand tall. Don’t let setbacks, delays, rejection, and all other unfavourable circumstances ruin your ultimate comeback. Because when your stars align, they should also find you, in alignment.

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