​10 Key jogging tips for new runners

Running is one of the most complete and healthy activities you can practice. Put on your shoes and check out their many benefits and the best tips to take advantage of your workouts.

Planning is fundamental when it comes to carrying out a routine training such as jogging.

All this process must be gradual, and have at all times the playful nature of this activity. Keeping in mind, people with severe heart disease, traumatic injuries, severe respiratory deficits should not engage in such an activity.

Apart from just being a fun activity, researchers agree that jogging improves the cardiovascular and pulmonary system, keeps muscle, ligament and tendon tissues useful and ensures good lubrication in joints.

10 Key Jogging Tips For New Runners:

1. Wear comfortable, lightweight and breathable clothing.

2. Wear shoes that fit the athlete’s complexion and the quality of each terrain.

3. On sunny days use sunscreens for skin, sunglasses, and cap.

4. Properly moisturize before, during and after each workout or competition.

5. If the distances to be run are more than 10 kilometers, the solid equipment should be used.

6. Maintain regular and periodic breathing.

7. Alternate different types of training and in different scenarios to avoid repetition and boredom.

8. Try running with friends or acquaintances, it will keep you committed to your training routine and make the race more enjoyable.

9. If you run alone you can carry an mp3 with songs that motivate you not to stop running.

10. Do not forget to warm up well before starting to run and stretch once finished to avoid as much as possible the dreaded sags.


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