5 Most frequently asked questions in any job interview

In an internet age, you can find numerous tips for dealing with job interviews in the best possible way. But some can be more important than others. So today, we bring you 5 tips to answer the most common interview questions.

Talk About Yourself

Probably the interview starts at this point. When the interviewer asks you to tell him something about you, he does not want to know how many siblings you have or where you spend your vacation. Concentrate on answering about your work experience, your personal career and the skills you have acquired in the different activities in which you have participated.

Your Strengths

In this part of the interview it is fundamental that you highlight all your skills and expose what you can contribute to the company. Don’t just mention your skills, it’s best if you explain how you will apply it in your work. Instead, say that you are good at working as a team, set an example of an occasion where you have worked as a team successfully.

Why Did You Leave Your Previous Job?

Whether you have voluntarily left your previous job or been fired, avoid negative comments at all costs. You can choose other answers that can boost your skills, for example, “I need some new challenges. This position really appeals to me cause it would allow me to manage a bigger team and sell more innovative products.” or “I have been thinking for a while that I’d like to work for a bigger company with more opportunities for growth.”

Remember, negative comments will generate negative feelings in your interlocutor, so avoid them.

Why You Are Interested In Working In The Company.

Many interviewers will make a decisive decision based on your answer to this question. If you introduce yourself to the meeting without researching the company you will probably be left blank and show some lack of interest in the job. You have to make the interviewer believe that the company needs you so prepare enough arguments to convince you.

Question Time

It is very possible that the interviewer will end up asking whether you have any questions. Prepare these questions in advance. It shows that you know about the company and that you really care about the position. Avoid asking about salary or vacation, you will not make a good impression.

2 questions for the interviewer:
• What are the next steps in the interview process?
• Who do you think would be the best candidate for this role, and how do I compare?
So remember, focus on your skills and competences, emphasize what you can contribute to the company and avoid negative comments about your previous job. And fundamentally, find out about the company to which you want to opt and shows that you really want to be part of it.

Written by NaijaRoko

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