Consuming tomatoes may help reduce the effects of alcohol

The habitual consumption of alcohol leads, among others, to the possible development of alcoholic liver disease and considerably increases the risk of liver cancer .

A recent study carried out at Tufts University (Boston, USA) states that if a person consumes up to two alcoholic drinks a day, he could protect his body from the harmful toxins of alcohol by eating between two and four tomatoes daily . The research team has come to this conclusion through laboratory mice given 100 milliliters of alcohol a day, the equivalent of about seven standard alcoholic beverages for a period of four weeks to mimic alcohol abuse among the human subjects.

During that time, three different tomato-related products were tested : tomato powder (nutritionally equivalent to whole tomato), tomato extract (partial tomato containing only fat-soluble components) and purified lycopene (antioxidant red pigment) development of alcoholic liver disease in animals. Analysis of the data showed that tomato powder reduced alcohol-related liver damage to 90% of laboratory mice, but not the other two products. These data provide strong evidence that whole tomatoes could be an effective strategy for preventing liver disease, and confirm earlier studies that lycopene alone can not treat liver damage.

Alcohol Does Not Only Affect The Liver

The liver is not the only organ affected by alcohol consumption because, even in limited amounts, alcohol causes damage to brain cells (abnormalities in brain functions, sleep disorders, emotional problems, and severe mental disorders) in the circulatory and respiratory system, in the entire digestive system, the immune system and the reproductive system.

In addition, the consumption of alcohol by pregnant women can cause severe fetal effects such as growth retardation, altered craniofacial features, cardiac, hepatic or renal pathologies. Even in severe cases of fetal alcohol syndrome , there may be a delay in mental development of offspring.

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