Marchionne confirmed the first electric Ferrari

Marchionne confirmed the first electric Ferrari

Sergio Marchionne continues give us all the insider reports concerning the Ferrari brand. After confirming the launch of the first SUV, now announced the arrival of the first electric Ferrari.

A few years ago, the president of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said the brand was working an SUV that bears the Ferrari logo and a matter of months the arrival of the first Ferrari SUV was confirmed .

But the inside gist doesn’t end there, once again, Sergio Marchionne has been the carrier of another chilling news related to the brand. Within the framework of the Detroit Motor Show 2018, Marchionne confirmed that Ferrari will go one step further than the jump to hybridization with the LaFerrari model, confirming that they are already working on the first electric Ferrari .
Ferrari had stayed away until now from technologies such as hybridization or electrification for its models , and even Marchionne has been at times critical of the reforms introduced to Formula 1 in recent years and even new categories such as Formula E.

However times seem to have changed and now Ferrari aims to achieve an electric supercar that manages to face Tesla, especially its new Roadster.

All these recent changes will allow Ferrari to  approach its goal of reaching the self-imposed limit of 10,000 units a year and the arrival of the first SUV will undoubtedly be one of the main tools to achieve it. The recent introduction of hybrid mechanics and this new purely electric mechanics will be the way Ferrari found to reduce the level of emissions .

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