​Harvard: Unemployed men are one of the main causes of divorce

Men without work are more likely to get divorced, according to a Harvard study.
A new study out of Harvard University paints a dark picture of the state of gender roles in American homes, and why 40 to 50 percent of Americans end up divorcing.

The American Psychological Association has published a study that has combed more than 46 years of data on more than 6,300 married couples, and found that money – in terms of the amount you have – is not a big factor in divorce, according to Bloomberg .

The big factor, unfairly, it seems, is unemployment – particularly in the fact that the husband has a job or not. Unemployed men are 3.3 per cent likely to divorce, while 2.5 per cent are job seekers. It’s a difference of almost a third.

Same-sex couples and men who choose to stay home with their children were not included in the study.

As a man, this does not look good at all. Although divorce rates have been declining since 2008, millions of American (and not only) men have lost their jobs, and this is not their fault. Is this one of the big reasons for having so many divorces? It seems so.

The study also focused on another aspect of married life, with regard to divorce – domestic chores. Before 1975, one of the big factors for the separations was who cleaned the bathroom and took out the trash. By then, when chores were more evenly divided between men and women, men tended to cut ties and disappear, probably because they were not satisfied with the way gender roles at home were changing, predicting authors of the study. But today, housework is not really a factor, unless you want to have a better sex life, even though women spend 1.7 more time doing these tasks than men.

“Wives have greater freedom in how marriage is ‘lived’,” Killewald said of the sharing of household chores nowadays. However, husbands are still expected to bring home the money.

If our opinions about who washes the dishes have changed, why does not our perception of man’s employability change?

Previous studies have indicated that about two-thirds of divorces are initiated by women.

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