​Sexual practices that could lead to death


You may think that you are an expert in bed and there is nothing you have not done or can not do , however, there are dangerous sexual practices that can endanger your life.
According to the study The Positive Consequences of Pain published by Personality and Social Psychology Review , there are people who require pain in order to balance pleasure.

It is also indicated that without pain life becomes dull, boring and monotonous.

Here are 5 sexual practices that may give you a very pleasant moment, but at the same time permanently damage some aspect of your life.

Within sexual fetishism is this very peculiar practice that is related to vampirism. The purpose is to find satisfaction through bleeding during intercourse.

This sexual practice involves the use of fire, which is very dangerous because if left unchecked it can cause very serious burns.

It is characterized by the use of blows and tortures during sexual encounter, however, when not measured, the force of actions can cause serious injuries and leave marks on the body.

This sexual practice is more common in Asian culture. It consists of not urinating for a long time to keep the bladder full and thus producing excitement with pain, however, can cause urinary infections.

This practice became very fashionable among young people, is to interrupt breathing and thus the passage of oxygen to the brain. To carry it out they use plastic bags and strangulation, which if not controlled can end people’s lives.

These dangerous sexual practices just mentioned, may help you discover a new experience of pleasure, but an attempt can seriously affect your life. If you want to try them our best recommendation is that you inform yourself extensively about it.

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