​Nollywood actress and comedian Calabar Chic narrates how she was kidnapped by herdsmen

Nollywood actress and comedian, Calabar Chic recently revealed her shocking ordeal in the hands of kidnappers.

​Nollywood actress and comedian narrates how she was kidnapped

According to the story she shared on Instagram, she was kidnapped by some people believed to be herdsmen and was held hostage and released after 5 days.

She said was kidnapped alongside her friends on January 8, 2017 and starved for 2 days before being force fed with unripe pineapples and dirty water. She took to her Instagram page to share the story.
She wrote: “So many questions I want to ask but who will provide answers? Our security agencies? Federal govt or the president himself? Because i’m still in shock, confused and wondering if we are safe in this country at all! Why has the govt not shown any willingness to checkmate these murderous herdsmen? why? attacking, maiming and killing people freely!”

“These animals who see killing as a hobby! they are not shaken or scared like they told my friend dozie and i when they held us hostage in that forest.

“We go continue dey kill una all of you, nothing go happen! We no care about any human life we slaughter you into pieces and bury you nothing go happen” My heart froze, I was paralyzed with fear! These animals as I will forever refer to them carry out these operations at ease as this happened just few poles away from SARS office on Benin Bypass/ Lagos road.

“On that Monday they stormed the highway around midday opened fire on our car took us off the highway after robbing us of cash and other valuables. At first we thought they were just armed robbers until we walked for almost 2hrs deep into the forest with them then it dawned on me that this was not just robbery. Kept us for 4 horrible days inside that scary dangerous forest, starved us no food or water for 2 days until the third day when they served us unclean water to drink MY GOD!!! or the unripe pineapple they forced us to eat on the third day that got my whole mouth teeth and gum bleeding! How could I even sleep? With ants, bugs spiders and other deadly insects crawling all over your body and you dare not scream!

“4 horrible days accompanied by constant slaps and kicking at the slightest provocation. The different kinds of guns they had on them, And I kept asking myself how do they get these ammunition? who supplies them those weapons? Different rifles including their daggers and cutlass with which they flogged us with. We survived through all of it not because of sheer luck! Ofcourse money was involved but someother people might not get so lucky.

“Meanwhile security operatives in nigeria should wake up to their responsibilities! Federal government stop cooking up excuses and take action!”

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