Actress Empress Njamah reveals younger men still toast her

Actress and businesswoman, Empress Njamah has spoken out about how she receives romantic advances from a lot of men.

Speaking in a recent interview, she revealed that she gets a lot of male admirers both young and old alike. Adding that she feels awkward when a younger man makes advances at her.

“A lot of men in their twenties say they admire me and want to date me. I am sure most of them think I am really young. Sometimes, I find it annoying because if they know my actual age, they wouldn’t come close or show interest in me.

Actress Empress Njamah (Image courtesy Google)

When people say I look like a lady in her twenties, I just smile. I am actually in my thirties. When people ask me what I do to look the way I do, I struggle to give an answer. I guess it is just the grace of God because I don’t do anything special,” she told Punch.
Going further, the entrepreneur revealed that she is not keen on revealing her plans for 2018 adding that she will let things happen naturally.

“For people who know me well, I don’t talk too much. I believe actions speak louder than words and that has been my approach to life. I am satisfied with all that I achieved last year. I am also an entrepreneur. I have a boutique where I sell ladies’ wear and accessories. I wouldn’t be honest if I say there are no challenges, but I thank God for the strength to overcome them.”

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