Fuel Crisis: Imo residents face extreme hardship

The continued sale of a litre of petrol above the Federal Government’s approved pump price in Imo state, is currently making the living condition of the residents unbearable.
Vanguard earlier reported that petrol was sold between N220 and N250 in the state. The trend has not changed.

Some who spoke to Vanguard, yesterday in Owerri, said among the effects of the fuel hike, is the cost of transportation of agricultural products from the communities to the cities, which they said led to an increase in prices of commodities in the markets.

As a result of this, Vanguard visited the Relief Market in Owerri where buyers lamented that prices of plantain, coconut, cassava, vegetables, as well as red oil, garri, oranges, have all increased.

One of the reasons given was that the cost of transporting harvested products from the villages to the urban areas had drastically increased due to the increment in petrol price.

The traders added that motorists now charged more than double for them to have their agricultural products moved to urban centers.

It was their view that in order to make profits, they had to increase the prices of their products in order to recover the expenses incurred.

A vegetable seller at the Relief Market, Lilian told Vanguard that “we have always experienced this kind of hardship whenever the price of petrol rises.

“We now spend high to transport what we produced from the village to the towns. And the drivers will tell us that the price of petrol is costly and they also need to maintain their vehicles.”

A motorist, Mr Evans, who claimed that he plies rural areas,said “government should fix the rural roads to reduce the suffering of the people as well as cut down the price of petrol.”


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