Elton John announces his last world tour

The famous musician will make a tour that will last three years, then he will dedicate himself to his family.

Elton John announces his last world tour

Pop legend Elton John announced on Wednesday that he will stop traveling to dedicate himself to his children … but not without saying goodbye first with a last tour that will last about three years.

“I will not do any more tours,” said the flamboyant 70-year-old British pianist and singer who fills stadiums around the world almost half a century ago, at a gala event in New York where the press was summoned with great expectation.

“I had an incredible life and an incredible career (…) but my life changed, the priorities of my life changed” and now “they are my children and my husband and my family,” the musician told journalist Anderson Cooper, after a mini concert before hundreds of journalists and guests and a presentation of his career in virtual reality.

Elton John, who has sold more than 300 million records, said his two children will be 8 and 10 when the last tour ends.

“I love them so much, I do not want to miss them, and I do not want them to miss me,” said the third most successful artist in history after Elvis Presley and the Beatles, considering their presence on the list of the most listened to in the United States. .

But first, I will offer a last three-year tour that will start in September, “a way to say goodbye with a bang,” in a big way, “and thank you,” he explained.

And anyway, he said, he will not stop singing. He hopes to record more albums, write more musicals and continue to offer concerts in Britain.

“I’ll be creative, I hope, until the day I die,” said Elton John, currently performing in Las Vegas until May.

The song writer of “Rocket Man” and “Crocodile Rock” is married to Canadian filmmaker and advertising exemplar David Furnish, 55. In the 1980s, he was one of the first great celebrities to publicly disclose his homosexuality. 

He recalled that in 2017 he was ill for seven weeks, including 12 days in the hospital, after contracting a rare bacterial infection after a concert in Chile. “But I did 96 concerts that year,” he said, adding that he is in good health today.


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