Despite everything, an alarming number of people are still eating laundry detergent capsules

A few weeks ago, a stupid and dangerous act became fashionable: eating liquid detergent capsules . Companies like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and the manufacturer of the capsules are doing everything possible to stop the “phenomenon”, but despite everything, more and more people are eating them. Stupidity has no limit.

Despite everything, an alarming number of people are still eating laundry detergent capsules

Both Facebook and YouTube, platforms in which the “challenge” was made viral, are eliminating all related videos . Tide, the company behind the detergent involved in this dangerous idiocy, has published a video in which he urges all young people and teenagers not to eat the capsules because they are toxic and extremely dangerous for the body. Amazon, meanwhile, is eliminating all reviews and comments that are related to the trend.

Comments like these are been deleted in the product’s question and answer session on Amazon:

Image: Amazon via Verge .

: what flavor is available?

Answer : It has a soft and dense texture that leaves a mint feeling after eating it. Oh, and as for its taste, it definitely tastes like a detergent capsule.

Question : do you know how to treat?

Answer : these are original Tide capsules, it does not have an added flavor. You will have to try it for yourself.

Question : what is the best taste of the capsules? (I ask for a friend)

Answer : Everyone knows great! Although the original flavor is spring.

However, despite all efforts to combat this dangerous trend, more and more people are participating in the Tide Pod Challenge. According to a study by the American Association of poison control centers, in just six days, between January 16 and 22, cases of intoxication due to the ingestion of the detergent have doubled. In the United States they went from 39 registered cases to 86 during this time, which means that in less than a month there have already been more cases than in the whole year 2017 (before it was viral).


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