Nike launches the Epic React Flyknit running shoe

This running shoe uses Nike React foam for ultimate comfort on the road.

Nike launches the Epic React Flyknit running shoe

Long Story Short

Nike launches the Epic React Flyknit running shoe, which is the first to apply the Epic foam technology from Nike. The result? “The lightest, softest and smoothest foam Nike has ever produced.”

Short Story Long

It is important, however, that you purchase the right shoes for running, in order to prevent possible injuries. The Nike Epic React Flyknit could just be your next running shoe. The key word: foam.

Nike launches the Epic React Flyknit running shoe

The sole of the Epic React Flyknit is made with the new Epic foam technology, according to Nike itself this is ‘the lightest, softest and smoothest foam’ they have ever produced, resulting in an ultimate soft running pattern over the road surface.

What is striking is that the sole is also very large and wide, more than you are used to from a running shoe. This is not only done because it is fashionable (although it’s a nice extra), the wider and larger sole ensures an ultimate distribution of your body weight. The pattern on the sole and side is designed by computer analysis to give the right support in the right places; deeper grooves for more suppleness and a firmer window where extra support is needed.

The blue, rubber grips at the heel and toe should give that extra bit of grip.

Combine all this with the Flyknit top and then you understand that you are dealing with a potential game changer. We can not wait to walk the first round on this ultimate soft shoe.

The Nike Epic React Flyknit is available on from February 22nd . The shoe comes in two colors, one of which is unveiled.


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