Taxify Releases Official Statement concerning Dorcas Shola Fapson’s assault claim

Taxify has released an official statement concerning the assault story shared by actress and OAP, Dorcas Shola Fapson via Snapchat.

Dorcas Shola Fapson

The actress had shared a story of how she was almost abducted by a Taxify driver but was able to escape only after she pepper spray on the staff she described as a rapist.

Taxify, on their official Instagram, shared a statement saying Fapson has been contacted in person, and the State Intelligence Bureau and the Nigeria Police Force have been petitioned to take up the matter.

Taxify’s statement reads:

Early today, we received troubling news of an incident that occurred between a (male) driver-partner and a (female) rider on our platform where allegations of harassment and violence have been made. 

Upon receiving news of this incident, we immediately contacted the rider and expressed our concern to her in person. Our lawyers have petitioned the State Intelligence Bureau and the Nigerian Police Force to take up the matter. The incident is currently under investigation with these authorities and we are giving all the necessary cooperation.

We at Taxify are committed to providing reliable ride experiences for our riders. Creating a safe and healthy experience is an absolute part of this. 

We have zero tolerance for any and all forms of harassment and violence. 
It is our policy to immediately ensure that upon such serious allegations as in this case the drivers account and access to the platform are taken away, which we have done. 

We will be following the case with the State Intelligence Bureau and the police keenly. We are determined to help see it to a just resolution. 


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