The sex robot with artificial intelligence for women has arrived

The same company that created Harmony, the first artificial intelligence sex doll, will launch a sex robot for women. Relbotix is ​​already developing the new robot that will have defined abs and a bionic penis.

The robot has arrived with artificial intelligence for women

The CEO assured newsmen that the penis of the robot “is better than a vibrator “ and it will be possible to customize it in terms of size and colour. Matt McCullen guarantees that “duration is not a problem” and that “the limit is the sky” .

Matt believes that the robot will be very successful, just as they are making their dolls that sell for thousands of dollars. Each “no artificial intelligence” costs about $ 10,000 and there are different sizes, skin tones and eye colours. The price of the new robot has not yet been announced, but the male version will walk around $ 15,000.

The robot has arrived with artificial intelligence for women

The CEO of Relbotix believes that the launch of this robot will put an end to the idea that this type of product is only for men. Matt McCullen believes that many women will buy the robot not only for sex, but also to have “company to talk and interact with . “


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