Bill Gates believes that giving our work to robots is a good thing: we will have more free time

The question is not whether artificial intelligence will end up doing our work, but when it will happen. Some believe it will be a good thing: thanks to the robots, they say, we will have more free time.

Bill Gates believes that giving our work to robots is a good thing: we will have more free time

The last to join this forecast has been Bill Gates, software mogul and one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. In an interview with Fox Business , Gates predicted that the AI ​​will be an opportunity for the rebirth of the economy and that, far from replacing us, will make us more efficient, which will allow us to better manage our time.
“You will be much more efficient with your resources, you will be much more aware of what is happening,” Gates said in Davos. The AI ​​can be used to monitor prisons, factories, courts and operating rooms. There will be computers registering everything and we will know if there is an inefficient use of resources or a security breach, such as a worker who is not wearing a helmet.

With the emergence of the AI, production is likely to multiply by two, which means there will be less labor, Gates admitted. But that does not mean that there will be less work. Increasing production levels could have other effects, such as enjoying longer vacations. It could also lead to a change in priorities: it will allow us to focus on helping older people and children with special needs, or on reducing class divisions. “The purpose of humanity is not just to sit behind a counter selling things,” said the founder of Microsoft.

But getting there will not be easy. “There will be challenges because the rate of change will be faster in the next 20 years than it has been until now,” Gates explained. The government will have to change its social security programs and help displaced workers to train for the new economy. “But if it is done well, it will be positive for everyone.”

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