What foods stain your teeth?

Know what foods and drinks prevent your smile from looking bright, as they contain substances that color and stain the teeth.


To show a nice smile, it is necessary to maintain healthy white teeth. There are circumstances, such as having taken certain medications in childhood during the formation of teeth – tetracycline, for example – that darkens the teeth, and requires dental whitening techniques to solve the problem.

But there are also foods and beverages that are a threat to the whiteness of our teeth because they contain chromogenic substances that can stick to the dental enamel – which is porous – and stains the teeth. Foods with a high degree of acidity, in addition, can erode the enamel.

The best prevention – and the most economical – against the appearance of stains that affect your smile is not to abuse this type of products, and maintain a correct oral hygiene , especially after a meal. Here is a list of foods that are best avoided to keep teeth white :

COFFEE : Like tea , it contains tannins, and like other dark colored drinks it can give rise to permanent stains. In case you opt for tea, it is better to choose white or green, instead of black tea.

WINE: The red wine is also a big enemy of our teeth because, in addition to containing chromogenic and tannins, also has a high level of acidity, which erodes the enamel. Take care also with white wine, because despite its light color is equally acidic and rich in tannins.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES : Dark coloured ones can also stain the teeth, and the acid from citrus also damages the enamel.

Cola drinks and packaged fruit juices like red fruit juices – such as blackberries or blueberries – that have a very intense color, or those citrus fruits also cause stains. The same thing happens with cola drinks, whose coloring affects the denture.

SAUCES AND CONDIMENTS : Such as soy sauce or tomato sauce , balsamic vinegar or curry.

Foods That Protect Your Teeth

There are also foods that, although they can not be considered natural whiteners , help keep teeth clean and healthy, or promote salivation, thereby neutralizing acidic substances:

Fruits and vegetables : In general, this is the case of hard and fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as apple, carrot, lettuce or celery.

DAIRY PRODUCTS : Milk, cheese , natural yogurts. Cheese is especially recommended and can be taken for dessert because it increases the amount of saliva – counteracting the action of acids – and contains calcium – essential for bone health – and casein, a milk protein that prevents demineralization.

FOOD WITHOUT COLOR : Colourless foods are recommended to be included in the diet after a tooth whitening treatment, precisely because they do not stain teeth: White rice, meats and fish white, dairy, pasta (with clear sauces such as cream or bechamel), chocolate white…

SUGAR-FREE CHEWING GUM: Chewing sugar-free gums can be a good alternative if brush your teeth after a meal is not possible. The artificial sweeteners cause no harm to oral health, chewing gum and saliva production stimulates and helps to remove food debris and prevent the development of cavities .



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