Brother Naija 3: Meet all 20 Housemates

Big Brother Naija 3 (Double Wahala) is on and in groups of four, the 20 housemates were ushered into the Big Brother House.

Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates are Nina, Teddy A, K.Brule, Vandora, Alex, Dee One, Princess, Miracle, Ahneeka, Bam Bam, Rico Swavey, Khloe, Angel, Bitto, Ifu Ennada, Leo, Tobi Bakre, Lolu, Cee-C and finally Anto. 

Let’s meet them:

The first set of housemates to walk into the Big Brother Naija House are Nina, Vandora, Teddy A and K.Brule.
According to the host Ebuka, it was their first time auditioning for the reality show.

From top right: K Brule, Vandora, Nina, Teddy A

Nina: Our first housemate to be introduced is Nina, she is 21 year-old and from Owerri, Imo state. She is a student of Imo State University and currently has a boyfriend. According to Nina, her game plan is to be herself.

Vandora: Vandora is 23 year-old and is from Edo state. According to her, the game plan is no game plan. She says she is a little bit of a crazy person, she enjoys talking to people, doing make up and watching TV.

Teddy A: Teddy A is 29 year-old from Lagos state. A perfoming artiste who says he has a lot of female admirers. He described himself as ‘hot’, thanks to his sculpted body. The workout enthusiast has a son who he promised to always make proud.

K.Brule: K.Brule is a 23 year-old who loves football and is a Manchester United fan. He said aside football, he loves singing.

From top right: Princess, Alex, Dee-One and Miracle.

The second set of housemates are Princess, Alex, Dee-One and Miracle. Let’s meet them.

Princess: The first housemate in this group is Princess. She is Igbo and from Enugu state. Princess works as a public relations manager in a construction firm. She said she is in a complicated relationship at the moment.

Alex: Dark-skinned Alex is 22 year-old. She loves dancing and is not into foods. She described herself as an interesting person but a ‘trouble maker’.

After someone broke her heart in the past, the tall beauty said she was not sure of getting into an intimate relationship with any of the male housemates.

Dee-One: Adeomi Adedayo, aka Dee-One didn’t reveal his age. He says he is a standup comedian and his game plan is to keep his audience laughing. Dee-One who revealed that he currently has a girlfriend, described himself as a ‘very very very funny person’.

Miracle: Miracle is a pilot and a model. The handsome 22 year-old guy who said he was first part of a dance group, described himself as adventurous and funny. According to him, he is very single and doesn’t mind getting intimate in the house.

From top right: Rico Swavey, Ahneeka, Bambam and Bitto.

The third set of housemates are Ahneeka, Bambam, Rico Swavey and Bitto.

Ahneeka: Ahneeka is 25 year-old and hopes to find love in the house. She is a TV presenter by profession. Ahneeka who has been privileged to leave in  Paris, New York, Germany and Ghana, described herself as a tomboy who is ready to bring drama to the house.

Bambam: Pretty Bambam is 28 year-old from Ogun state but born in Lagos. She is a freelancer in everything related to creative expression. Bambam who also into acting, said she is single, not searching and hopes to be found.

Bitto: Bitto is 26 year-old from Benue state. Bitto is a TV host and the only guy in house who has a wedding ring on his finger but claims to be single. He said the ring belongs to his late mother, stressing that the ring means a lot to him.

Rico Swavey: Rico is a 25 year-old musician from Jos, Nigeria. He dreams of becoming an entrepreneur one day. According to what he said, he had more than one girlfriend before Big Brother Naija show.

From top right: Leo, Khloe, Ifu Ennada and Angel

The fourth set of housemates are all entrepreneurs who wish to expand their businesses with the star price. Meet Khloe, Ifu Ennada, Angel and Leo.

Khloe: Khloe is a 24 year-old fashion designer and a commercial model. According to her, she ventured into fashion designing last year and hopes to take her business to the next level if she wins.

Ifu Ennada: Lagos based Ifu Ennada will be 26 year-old this year. The Abia state lady said she is an actress, creative director and entrepreneur.
Ennada described herself as innovative and spontaneous. She also siad she will bring lots of drama to the house.

Leo: Leo, is a 25 year-old real estate developer who described himself as a corporate hustler. 

Angel: The last in this list of four is the 31 year-old filmmaker, Angel. Angel who is a cinematographer said he is also a tech entrepreneur who will love to expand his tech business.

Angel described himself as a ‘party animal’.

From top right: Tobi, Anto, Cee-C and Lolu

The last but not the least set of housemates are Anto, Cee-C, Lolu and Tobi.
Anoto: 28 year-old Anto was born and raised in the US. According to her, she has relocated to Nigeria.

Anto is currently the head of operations for the Continent of Basketball League. She has a bachelor’s degree from a university in North Carolina and also has a NBA and a Masters Degree from University of Central Florida.

Her game plan is to be herself and hopes to find love in the house.

Cee-C: 25 year-old Cee-C is currently working as a company secretary for for an advertising firm. Cee-C who has a degree in law said after her time in the Big Brother Naija house, she will be going for her Master. She described herself as a total package.

Lolu: 29 year-old Lolu is an investment manager. He said he has a BSc in Sociology. Lolu also revealed that he is in a relationship.

Tobi: Tobi, the last housemate on our list is a 23 year-old photographer and an investment banker. According to the young man, he is a fitness model.

Tobi who also said he has no game plan, disclosed that he is single snd not searching.


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