Otobo: I will name my sponsors in court

Sequel to shocking confessions that she was paid by some “powerful politicians and pastors” to blackmail Apostle Johnson Suleman in a putrid sex scandal that went viral in 2017, Stephanie Otobo has countered claims that she may have been paid by the Apostle’s camp to confess.

Stephanie Otobo and Apostle Joshua Suleiman

In an exclusive interview with Vanguard in her Lagos hideout, the Canada-based stripper and aspiring musician of Urhobo descent, strongly dismissed insinuations of a buyout.

For a lady who is an internet video sensation, it took hours of persuasion to convince Miss Otobo to make a short clip as attached hereunder.
When prodded, Otobo, 23, said, “How much can the Apostle pay me that will match what I was paid, and what I am still being offered more by my sponsors?”

The light skinned lady explained further, “I came all the way from Canada to that church because I needed peace of mind going forward and I placed the truth over a continuous soap opera of lies and fabrications.”

When asked what prompted her sudden desire for “peace of mind”, Miss Otobo told Vanguard that she has had sleepless nights for several months over the role she played as the fulcrum of the sex scandal.

“I was made to tell too many lies and I was chocking. The burden of guilt was too much for me to carry. If I did not correct this grave sin, how I wan take look Baba God after I vacate this life” , she thundered.

According to her, the monies she was paid by her sponsors did not last long in her possession as she is unable to account for how she spent the funds.

She claims she was even paid hundred thousands of Euros by one of her sponsors. She refused to name the persons behind the saga because she does not want to “stir another round of controversy”.

“Those who are asking me to mention names, will they provide me with security? My sponsors provided me with over four security details to protect me from the man of God. Now that I have risked my life to tell the truth, who will protect me from these powerful politicians? Anyway, those who want the names of my sponsors should wait for the next court sitting.”

She also said, “If I could take the risk of a road trip all the way to Auchi just to tell the truth, Nigerians should realize that this was nothing to do with money. What essence is money if one is unable to enjoy it owing to a guilty conscience?”

The Delta-born Miss Otobo also revealed to Vanguard that her sponsors scripted a large portion of her videos and press conferences in order to build a watertight case against the preacher whom she said she had “never met physically.”

“I was made to go through rehearsals before speaking to the public”.

For example, she says, she was told to accuse the Apostle of dating a Ghanian actress. When she was asked for the name of the actress by social media followers, she was given the name of a certain Daniella Okeke who turned out to be Nigerian. Such were the inconsistencies that became inherent as Otobo was fed with script after script to project the plans of her sponsors.

Everything seemed to be going well for the plotters until Otobo made a surprise confession during last Friday’s Fire Night service at the auditorium of Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi, Edo State.

Before a large crowd of worshippers, a tearful Otobo knelt down before the wife of the Apostle and asked for forgiveness for her confessed wrongs.

It was a very emotional event that has attracted mixed reactions from the church members and observers worldwide.