​Nigerian man who just came back from Texas dies in a car crash in Ijebu-Ode

A Nigerian man has reportedly passed away in a car accident. The man identified simply as Olusesan died in an accident that occurred in Ijebu-Ode.
NAIJ.com came across the tragic story after it was shared on social media by a friend of the deceased. The friend identified as Albert Adebanjo-Senbore expressed disbelief and sadness over the loss of his friend.

Adebanjo-Senbore who shared the tragic news on his Facebook page revealed that the deceased just came back home to Nigeria from Houston, Texas in the United States.

Sad story of man who just arrived from Texas and died in a car crash in Ijebu-ode Photo source: Facebook user Albert Adebanjo – Senbore

In his post, the Facebook user also paid tribute to his friend, wishing him a peaceful rest in the afterlife.

He said: “IKU DORO!!! Alh. Engr.OLUSESAN, Not until I saw your lifeless body this morning did I believe you are gone.

“You travelled all the way from Houston Texas to Nigeria and had an accident in Ijebu ode that took your life. Haaaa! Iku seka o mu eni ire lo.. Rest on my dear brother omo Salabiu.”


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