3 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Blog and Boost Adsense Income

You’ve set up your blog. You’ve been publishing content for several months. Unique visitors are rolling in daily. Adsense is serving ads on your posts. But your click through rate (CTR) is dismal and you’re not making any money.

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Does that sound familiar? Do you want to know what you can do to turn your situation around and increase your Adsense
revenue? Then check out these three common mistakes people make with Adsense blogs and what you can do to fix them.

1. Content Lacks Focus

Publishing high-quality content regularly is good, but it’s not enough to convert traflic into Adsense traffic. Remember, Adsense serves ads based on what its algorithms can understand about your site and your readers.

The more focused you are on a particular niche, the more targeted your traflic will be. Niche-focused content also helps Adsense understand what your blog’stheme is. When it puts those two factors together, it makes much better choices about which ads it serves. As the ads become more targeted to the content and the reader, your CTR will increase.

2. Not Enough Content

Blogging with Ad sense is not a get rich quick scheme. You need to put in a lot of work now to reap the rewards later. That means buckling down and cranking out the content at least a couple times a week, or daily if you can. If you stick to a frequent publishing routine without sacrificing quality, you’ll build traffic.

The average CTR on ads for most blogs is between 1 percent and 3 percent. How much you earn per click could be anything from 2 cents to a few hundred dollars, depending on your niche. Most targeted blogs in less-competitive niches will make about $1 a click. On that basis, you’d need 5,000 unique, targeted visitors per day to pull in $100. That’s a realistic figure, but you’ll need at least 250 first-class posts before you see that level of traffic.

3 Poorly Placed Ads

There’s no one-sizefits-all rule about ad placement, but it’s worth experimenting. You should study the Adsense guidelines to make sure you are playing within the rules.

Try placing different ads in various places on your blog and see what works best. There are small, medium, and large box ads. Skyscraper ads are popular for placement in sidebars. You can experiment with colors, using text-only options or images.

One of the most common mistakes with ad placement is to cram too many ads onto a page. Depending on your content, less may be more. You should always put the reader’s experience first. Fantastic content and a single, well-placed ad may be more profitable than three huge banners which distract from the core message of the post.

The most often-re ported reason bloggers fail is because they give up too soon. Don’t be that blogger. You can make money from your blog with Ad sense, but you must do it right.

Make sure you drill down into your niche, write focused content and plenty of it, and optimize your ad placement to see your traffic, CTR, and income grow.

Author: Travis Aba

Travis Aba is an author and reporter since 2010. He is an associate at Juicy Links.