Best 3 Android Apps to Beat Anxiety

Anxiety affects millions of people everyyear and can have a major impact on health, work and relationships. Several Android apps have been developed specifically for people with anxiety and panic disorders, each providing different tools to help calm the body and mind. If you’re struggling with anxiety, stress or panic attacks, these apps could make all the difference.


Headspace is a great app for learning to meditate and is suitable for absolute beginners. The app comes with a free 10-day program that introduces a simple meditation technique. There are also plenty of paid meditation programs available through the app, such as anxiety, depression, calming, sleep, happiness and productivity meditation programs. In addition, you can choose from several health meditations to help manage pain and specific health conditions. The Headspace app allows you to set reminders for meditation times and also comes with some fun animations to explain how and why the exercises work.


MoodTools is a self-help app that uses CBT techniques to ease anxiety, panic disorder and depression. MoodTools has been designed with the help of mental health professionals and contains questionnaires used by psychologists to help track anxiety and depression symptoms. Unlike most apps for anxiety, MoodTools is available completely free of charge. The app comes with a thought diary, which can be used to identify negative thoughts and challenge distorted thinking patterns.

There is also a self-help library that provides information to help you understand anxiety. MoodTools includes guided meditations and useful activities, as well as an exposure plan that helps you to light your fears and phobias one step at a time. In addition, you can create a safety plan, which enables you to identify warning signs and coping strategies for dealing with anxiety.


Happify uses games, challenges and interactive activities to help reduce stress, anxiety and negative emotions. The activities are based on ideas derived from research into mindfulness and positive psychology. The activities can help you to overcome negative thinking patterns, promote positive emotions, increase fitness levels, build self-confidence and even manage pain. Happify also provides meditationsto reduce stress While some basic tools are free for all users, you will need to purchase a subscription to access many of the advanced features.

Anxiety is a common problem that can have a negative impact on your life. Android apps can provide tools to help manage your anxiety and stress levels Headspace, MoodTools and Happify are excellent apps that can help you to beat anxiety for good.



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