Will you download this app that works only when your phone’s battery is running out

‘Die With Me’ is a chat application that can only be opened if your smartphone has less than 5% battery life.

Belgian Dries Depoorter has created an application so people do not get so upset when they run out of battery power and just keep talking until the phone goes off.

Die With Me app only works when mobile phones are 5% or less. If you put the phone to charge while you are in the chat, you are automatically expelled. The app is similar to the online chat sites of the 90’s and to participate, you need to create an account.

“People talk too fast because they do not have time to think hard about what they are saying, they are stressed,” says Depoorter. “They often talk about where they live, what kind of music they like, but sometimes they also talk about poetry. We’ve already seen conversations explaining what they feel when the phone is dying or sharing stories about what they do in situations where the phone is out of battery power ”

The app is available in the App Store and the Play Store.

What do you think, will you download this app.

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