​2019 Election: Middle Belt threatens to withdraw support from north —Forum

Bala Takaya, chairman of the Middle Belt Forum (MBF) has hinted that north-central zone would not work with other northern zone in 2019 general elections.
Takaya who said this on Wednesday, January 31, in Jos at a one-day summit tagged: “Political and Security Situation of Middle Belt: The need for roadmap,” said the idea behind this is to the acknowledgement of the north-central has an important region in the country.

Premium Times reports that Takaya noted that the recent handshake across the Niger by leaders of the southsouth, southeast and southwest was a build-up to 2019 and reaction to insecurity in Nigeria, especially, in the north-central.

Idea behind the withdrawal is to establish the importance region in the country. Credit: Premium Times

“The handshake across the Niger especially with southsouth, southeast and southwest is to address salient issues affecting the zones. We are not standing aloof, we are working together in the struggle for equitable Nigeria through restructuring.

“Leaders from these regions of the country were received by the leadership of the Middle Belt in Benue State in solidarity with the people and government of Benue state over the recent killings. We have solid relationship and we are in support of what the Benue State governor is doing. He should not waver, attack on one is an attack on all.”

Going further, Takaya called on the youth of the geo-political zone to be more proactive and defend their God-given lands.

“Middle Belt youths must work together to overcome these challenges. The zone now is under the carpet. In some states, you have to be their surrogates to win elections in spite of your strength and population. If you win, it can be upturned but I believe all these can stop if our youths are united for common front.”



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