7 Common Causes Of Acne You Should Know

Acne is a common health problem that is caused by everything from workplace stress and emotional imbalances to poor diet and improper showering habits. Closely assessing your lifestyle to uncover direct causes of acne requires diligence, so make sure to read this whole article.


This article details 7 common causes of acne.

1. Sugar in the Diet

Excess sugar in your diet is a direct cause of facial acne. A high amount of sugar commonly produces acne bumps and whiteheads around the comers of your mouth and lips.

2. Touching Your Face Often

Habitually touching parts of your face can cause fingertip oil to build up on facial pores, and this can lead to blackheads. This often happens subconsciously, so the best tip here is to only check your face in the mirror when you need to.

3. Sleeping With Makeup On

You must avoid sleeping with makeup on at all costs. Your skin naturally produces oil and is constantly sloughing off old skin cells, so makeup left on at night blocks your skin’s need to breathe. This eventually causes blackheads or whiteheads.


4. Lack of Essential Vitamins or Nutrients

A diet deficient in essential nutrients commonly causes acne. Deliciency of Vitamin B12 a vitamin necesmry for brain and blood cell function causes pin-dot acne in the corners of the mouth. Individuals with zinc deficiency are also prone to acne flares.

5. Everyday Stress

Even too much daily stress can produce acne. Unexpressed emotional needs and pent-up aggravation can lead to acne on the forehead or just behind the temples.

6. Incompatible Skincare Products

Since skin sensitivity differs between individuals, it’s necessary to find skincare products suited to you. Some cleansing products contain chemicals such as sulfates and formaldehyde, so it’s best to test them in small amounts before you spend money committing to a brand. Otherwise, you may be stuck with worse acne after only a short time of using new products.

7. Not Showering Often Enough

If you don’t shower frequently enough for your skin type, excess oil can build up as you go about your day. Maintain a regular showering schedule to appropriately cleanse your skin of naturally occurring grime.


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