Actor kenneth Okonkwo blast PDP says APC is the best thing that happened in Nigeria 

Nigerian actor kenneth Okonkwo has said the best thing that happened to Nigeria, politically is the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Actor kenneth Okonkwo blast PDP says APC is the best thing that happened in Nigeria

The actor and politician made this claim on Thursday while speaking on AIT’s television programme ‘Focus Nigeria with Gbenga Aruleba’.

JUICLINKS gathers that the actor blamed the party’s inability to win councillorship seats in the last Enugu local government election on electoral malpractices.

He said: “The best thing that happened to Nigeria, politically is APC.” And talking about the last Enugu local government election, he said: “I was there personally and I can tell you authoritatively it was a sham and a disgrace.”

He added that: “Untill the elections finished there were no result sheets, I can play the video for you, do you call that an election,” asking the TV presenter Gbenga Aruleba.

“In Enugu state there is know government in place. In my own senatorial zone, where the government is from, till today there is know legacy project, none.”

He also said: “The only thing being commissioned in Enugu state is billboards and posters, unfoutunately, there are some billboards that will be deposited in a dilapidated road – but you will see a beautiful billboard on the road saying ‘Happy Christmas’.

He continued, by saying he is excited that he is in a party that is doing things in Enugu.

“I am excited that I am in the party,” the actor said.

“In only two years plus in office, the achievements of this party (APC) are placed side-by-side with a party that spent 16 years in office.”

He talked about the relationship between the PDP and the Igbo tribe. He said: “We are a majority tribe in Nigeria, I am Igbo, and thank God I am. We hard a party that was there for 16 years they did not consider it necceassary to give us the precidency or the vice.

“The 16 years of leadership of the PDP saw all our infastrctures distoryed, the Enugu – Onitsha experess road was impassable, Enugu – Port Harcourt express road, the second Niger Bridge was still a nomenclature untill the PDP was gone. Everything about the Igbo man was destroyed.”


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