How Can Self-Employed Men Keep Better Track of their Time?

When deciding to work as a freelancer or starting your own business, people will think that you will sit there all day, without doing nothing and money will naturally follow. The reality is entirely different. When you are on your own, you tend to work much more than you used to when you were just an employee.


Working harder to make the business grow is alright, as long as you do it for a while. After a period, it is essential to establish some limits and regain social life. A balanced life is a healthy life, after all.

So, what to do to keep track of your time?

Use a time-tracking app

As technology allows it, why not take advantage of an app made to record the hours that we spend working? After all, all companies use time-tracking software to monitor their employees’ activity. If you think of the benefits of such an app, below only a few of them:

You will avoid procrastination

One of the dangers of working on your own is the tendency to procrastinate some tasks. The ”leave it ’till tomorrow” is not a solution, especially when you are on your own. Timetracking software will help increase your productivity and thus gain more clients.

Identify and correct time management errors

When you are a self-employed, you risk failing in managing your time. You might lose a lot of time with a task, or you might sit and think of a solution for too long, or just lose time over the internet instead of working on your project. With a time tracker, you will be able to identify and thus correct those time management errors.

Moreover, you need to take regular breaks, to keep functioning at standard parameters, without getting exhausted.

Win more money

There are times when you have to spend a few extra hours during a free day to fix something for a client or to finish an urgent task. With the time tracker, you will be able to prove to your client that you were online working for him and thus get paid extra. Every moment spent working must be remunerated, so a time tracking system is more than necessary.

So, a time tracker does not bring anything else but benefits. It is your best monitoring partner that has to be a part of your initial business plan.



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