Your Guide To Being A Good Date

Being a good date is about more than looking good and hoping you like the person. If your goal is a long-term relationship, how you act on dates can make or break your outcome. Here are seven ways you can be a better date.


1. Be on time

If you have to be late for a date, you should let your date know as soon as possible and make sure it’s for a good reason. Don’t be late for a date because you were hanging out with friends and lost track of time. Being late without contacting your date to let them know implies you think your time is more important. Be a good date and arrive on time or a few minutes early for your date.

2. Talk about your date

You might have a lot to say about yourself, but it’s important to get to know your date as well. If you only talk about yourself, you might come off as self-absorbed and selfish. Don’t tum every conversation back to yourself. If you want to be a good date, make sure you ask questions about your date and be genuinely interested in what they are talking about.

3 Suggest fun dates

If the person you’re seeing asks what you’d like to do on your next date, don’t say “I don’t know,” or tell them they can decide. When you do this you make yourself appear boring and lazy. Don’t be afraid to suggest dates when you have an idea you’re excited about. lf you’ve wanted to go to a zoo, or seeing a movie, don’t be shy about suggesting them. This will make you someone anyone would want to date because you are anything but not boring.


4. Don’t be a complainer

lf you want to be a good date, don’t complain. Someone who is unhappy with everything isn’t fun to be around. Don’t whine about how horrible your exes treated you. Don’t vent about how your best friend has been too busy for you lately. Avoid complaining about where you and your date are having dinner or the long line to buy movie tickets. If you want to be a good date, bring your best attitude.

5. Use your manners

Never underestimate how important manners are. You want to treat everyone well, not just your date. It’s important to be kind to service people. Remember to say ”please” and ”thank you” to everyone. If you’re rude, you won’t make a good impression on your date.

6. Control your drinking

If you want to be a good date, don’t drink too much. Drinking too much may as cause you to get belligerent, clumsy, or act out of character in other ways. You don’t want to make a bad impression on your date, so stick to one or two drinks. If you don’t know your tolerance for alcohol because you don’t drink much, avoiding it might be best.

7. Be present

Don’t focus on the future during your date. Don’t ask how many children they want or what kind of wedding they’ve always dreamed of. Focus on what’s happening on your date. Live in the moment instead of two years from now. Don’t think of dating as a bad thing or a waste of time. Each date is an opportunity to experience something new, such as a new restaurant, a new meal, or a new exhibit.

If you want to be a good date, consider which dating habits haven’t been working for you. If you understand how to be a good date, you can adjust your habits accordingly.