​What President Buhari inherited is difficult to describe – Oshiomhole reacts to Obasanjo’s letter

Oshiomhole reacts to Obasanjo’s letter

Former governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomhole, has joined other politicians to react to the controversial letter by former President Olusegun Obasanjo asking President Muhammadu Buhari not to run for second term in office.
Oshiomhole said the former president is not one of the adviser of the president and is in no position to dish our advice.

The former governor made this statement on Friday while speaking with State House correspondents shortly after a closed doors meeting the president, The Punch reports.

Oshiomhole said: “I’m not sure when I see the list of the (President’s) advisers, that President Obasanjo is one of the advisers.
“I also recall with respect that the day President Obasanjo was inaugurating in some of his advisers, he did say that anybody who is his adviser can advise him, he will make his own decisions. I think that principle still stands.”

The former governor also added that President Buhari needed more time to rebuild the nation as he inherited a nation ‘below ground level’.

He said: “Nigeria was below ground level and from what you guys report that I read, we have always had challenges but never in terms of this scale and magnitude.

“What President Buhari inherited is difficult to describe. I have said so before that when you meet such a situation, your first task is to halt the drift. When you halt the drift, then you stabilise before you begin to go. There is no miracle about it.

“I don’t think that anybody who understands the challenge of nation building, of national economic management and so on will expect that in two years, you can fix in a sustainable manner all of the things that have been destroyed over 16 years before this party came into office.
“Yes, there are challenges; there are a couple of things we need to begin to do and re-enforce but there is no question that a lot has begun and a lot is being done.”

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