BBNaija: Video Of Khloe Scratching Her Butt Goes Viral

Video of Khloe scratching her butt goes viral

In a trending video, Big Brother housemates khloe was caught on camera deeping her fingers into her bum, perhaps to adjusting her underwear or maybe scratching.

Aside that, the fashion designer has been trending for negative reasons almost all week.

Earlier in the week her nude photos made headlines.

Khloe nude shoot went viral

Her nudes made headlines this week

And on Wednesday, the housemate who was paired with K Brule revealed that she was sexually attracted to a fellow housemate Lolu.

Khloe who was speaking with Anto said: “Lolu is the only person I can be sexually attracted to in the house.

“There is something different about lolu. He is intelligent, small and he calculates his things.”

See her trending butt scratching video that has gone viral.


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