End time rat? Everything we know about the video of the rat that bathes like a human

The Internet is in shock because of the video of a rat that bathes as if it were a human being; it stands on two legs, it carves the “armpit” on the back, and in general he enjoys the soap on its body.


The video was uploaded to Facebook by ‘Akaso?’ fanpage in January 27, and a day later, it appeared on a YouTube channel named Jose Correa, who is linked to the ‘Akaso?’ fanpage.

In just 48 hours , the Facebok post exceeded 44 million views, and Twitter almost reached two million.

Metro News interviewed Correa, who provided details about the recording.

“It was like a human. I’ve never seen anything like that before . It lasted about 30 seconds and then ran . I think he just wanted to take a good bath. I care about animals and I wanted to protect his privacy … I would never have hurt it. So I just filmed it and let it run . “

The Internet is being filled with possible explanations about the behavior of the rat, and there are those who suggest that the soap might contain an irritant that the animal wanted to remove.

See it on YouTube:


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