Obsanjo’s son, Olujunwo allegedly moved out of his matrimonial home eight months after lavish wedding

Photos from the glamorous wedding between Obasanjo’s son, Olujumwo and his wife, Temitope Adebutu who is Baba ijebu’s daughter was all over the internet.

The rumour of the groom’s mother being against the wedding due to spiritual warnings surfaced online and it was reported that she missed the wedding ceremony all together.

It appears there’s fire on the mountain after the mother’s warnings were ignored. In a recent interview, the agonised mother who recently visited the police to report her son is missing revealed that Olujunwo has left his matrimonial home and hasn’t been seen by the wife since November 2017.

This is coming up just eight months after the couple held a lavish wedding to mark the start of their journey as husband and wife. Speaking to Sunday Sun, the groom’s mother, Mrs Taiwo Obasanjo shared details of why she missed the wedding and how her son is being treated in the said marriage that has led him to abandon his matrimonial home.

Wedding of Olujunwo and Temitope Source: Ovation , magazine

Speaking on why she insisted the wedding shouldn’t have been held the way it did, he said : “You see the date change had been going on in the family before I went public. I was in support of the wedding. But do you have the time for me to give you a breakdown of what actually transpired? Before this girl came into the scene, I was told that when he is getting married that there should be no noise. That was the instruction given to me but when this girl came I told them, let them just do this wedding quietly. Instead, they shouted me down and were asking that how can two big families come together and they won’t have a big wedding. I am the biological mother of the groom, I gave birth to him and I am not holding on to him to be my handbag. If you go through the Bible, instructions were given to mothers about their children. For instance, Samson’s mother was given instruction about him but Samson defied the instruction and he ended up being killed by Delilah. Do you understand me? I know what I suffered to have this boy. When the wedding proper came I told them not to pick a particular date and that he should only do a big wedding after his 34th birthday. On my own, I went to the mother of the bride Rose Mary Dacosta because I thought she was a mother, but she refused. They insisted on having the wedding in April. I told the girl too but she was adamant. Unfortunately, people are thinking that I was against the wedding. I wasn’t against my son’s wedding because I love him.”
Hammering that she doesn’t know where her son is and that his whereabouts has been unknown since Novembe, she said: ” How can I hide him? Everyone has been phoning me and asking for his whereabouts. They want to kill me and this is another means for them. How can I hide a man who is 34 years old? What do I want to do with him? And I can never be his wife. I am praying for him to be productive and I am praying for him to be fruitful. From the first day of the wedding, the mother of the girl said she wanted to go on honeymoon with my son and his wife, which I have never heard of in my whole life. Whether I am lying my son can testify about that. The mother insisted that she must go on a honeymoon. I wasn’t there, but I heard that later.”

“I don’t know oh! When I was asking she was the one that told me that she is in Ikoyi with her mother so I went there to see her. She told me she has not seen my son since November so I started asking people about this. If I don’t know the whereabouts of my son, should I just fold my arms and watch? Does that make me a responsible mother? I don’t stay close to them. Moreover, Abeokuta to Lagos is not one-minute drive and since they got married I have never interfered and I don’t go there. So the young man has gone into hiding and this is not the first time this is happening. He has been running away from this girl, he would disappear and then when they settle the matter he will come back home. Now everybody said they are tired because every time they are always quarrelling.”



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