​Week 2 Nomination Results On Big Brother Naija 2018

Nomination Results On Big Brother Naija 2018

As Brother Naija 3 marked its first week on Sunday, Ebuka told the housemates that on Monday will be Nomination Night.

Recall that on Sunday, the host confirmed that each pair will nominate two other pairs in their Nomination Sessions today.​
Now here is it: Recall that, JUICYLINKS reported that the nominations tonight will be fake and there will be know need for BB Naija fans to vote.

As it was reported, Biggie is up to his tricks, so there is no need to vote this week!

Meanwhile, See which pair nominated the other tonight on Big Brother Naija 2018 – [Week Two]:

1: Tobi & Cee-C nominated: Bitto & Princess and Lolu & Anto

2: Lolu & Anto nominated: Angel & Ifu and K Brule & Khloe.

3: Angel & Ifu Ennada nominated: K.Brule & Khloe and Leo & Alex

4: Leo & Alex nominated: Angel & Ifu and Bitto & Princess.

5: Teddy A & Bambam nominated: K.Brule & Khloe and Miracle & Nina.

6: Dee-One & Vandora nominated: Angel & Ifu and Bitto & Princess.

7: Bitto & Princess nominated: Teddy A & Bambam and K Brule & Khloe.

8: Miracle & Nina nominated: K.Brule & Khloe and Angel & Ifu

9: K.Brule & Khloe nominated: Nina & Miracle and Bitto & Princess.

10: Rico Swavey & Ahneeka nominated: Nina & Miracle and Bitto & Princess.

Meanwhile, Head Of House, Tobi used his powers to save the pair of Nina & Miracle and replaced them with Teddy A & Bambam.

Final Results – Nominated Pairs For Week Two:

1: Angel & Ifu Ennada.

2: K.Brule & Khloe.

3. Lolu & Anto

4. Teddy A & Bambam.

5. Bitto & Princess


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